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Praise for Love-Noise

The electricity here has such an incandescence, it could be resurgent voltage from Emily Dickinson in distress.  What haunts the whole book, in the surge and aftermath of eros, in the empathy for family and for strangers, and in jolts of recognition, and of being recognized, is an imagination deeply and disturbingly alive, and tender to the touch.   -Brooks Haxton

These poems derive from the hidden and secret, take place on the verge of silence and make us lean in closer to listen.  In the small spaces seismic movements happen that have the power to unsettle us as good poems do.  What we hear in these poems is a noise both strange and subtle---fascinating, inexplicable, beautiful.  -Bruce Smith

One of the many strengths of this remarkable collection of poems is its capacity to engage, move, amuse, delight and frighten all at the same time, often within the same poem.  If intelligence is, in part, the ability to deal with ambiguity without losing any of the conflicting flavors of reality, these poems have it in spades.  -Rhina P. Espaillat

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